Friday, 10 January 2014

How to contribute

We want this blog to be a collaboration - different people pooling their knowledge, insights, observations and photos in order that we can all learn and improve our understanding of hybrid birds.  We welcome your contributions!

There are two ways you can get in touch:
  • By adding a comment to a post.  Anyone should be able to add a comment - please include your name when doing so.  If adding a link it's best to use the format <a href="url">display text</a>.
You can't add photos to comments so if you want to contribute your photos either add a link to them or send them via email.

These are the sort of things we welcome you to contribute:
  • Your insight or knowledge: if you know something that would be relevant and useful then please tell us, and especially if you think we may have got something wrong then please tell us!
  • Your photos: if you have photos that you think might be useful please let us use them!  If they are already published on the internet then tell us where they are and that we may use them; if they are not already online then email them to us and tell us that we may use them.  All photos used will be credited to the photographer (unless you ask us not to) and if you tell us what it is we will include a link to your website.
When providing photos please tell us what you think it is (if you know), where you took the photo and the date, and tell us if the bird was in captivity.
  • Your ideas and observations: if you think something that might be relevant or useful but aren't sure, please tell us anyway.
  • Your questions: if you have any questions or aren't sure about something you read or see here then please ask.

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