Saturday 21 January 2017

Recent updates (or in this case, not so recent updates)

Sedge Warbler x Eurasian Reed-Warbler hybrid, Lac de Grand-Lieu (Loire-Atlantique, France), 6th September 2015 - copyright S├ębastien Reeber
(photo ID: 2745)

Firstly let me apologise for the inaction here over the last few months.  Last year proved more hectic than I imagined and keeping on top of this became impossible for a while.  The good news is I'm now in a position to get things moving again, so look forward to more regular posts once again in the near future - and a big backlog to clear first.

I normally do a "recent updates" post periodically to let people know what's been added to the project since the last "recent updates" post.  Well there have been a few updates since the last "recent updates" post, but it's stretching things a bit to call them recent!

As always, a big thanks to all who have contributed photos and/or insights, and if you haven't done yet or have more to offer then please get in touch.  You can comment on any thread if you have anything to say about the hybrids or topics covered, and if you have any photos you would be willing for us to use, please let us know (e.g. by emailing us).

The recent updates are summarised below but remember you can find an index list linking you to ALL the bird hybrids featured so far here:
And an index list of all the bird hybrid topics covered so far here:

So, the not-so-recent updates are:

New Bird Hybrid pages added for:

New photos added to:

Text updated in:

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Enjoy browsing - and please do contribute where you can!

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