Monday 9 February 2015

Recent updates

You can always find the latest updates to this project by checking the Latest updates page at any time - this is updated at the end of any day when new pages are added or new photos or other information is added to existing pages.

We realise that some followers may prefer to subscribe by email (there's a button to subscribe on the right hand panel if you're using a PC/desktop not a mobile device).  If so you'll get notifications when new pages are added but I don't think you'll see updates to existing pages.  From time to time (maybe around weekly... we'll see how it goes) we will add a new "Recent updates" post highlighting anything that's been added recently - since the last Recent updates post.  That way everyone can see what's new.

To kick off, here's what's new over the last couple of weeks:

New bird hybrid pages added for:

New photos added to:

Big thanks as usual to all the contributors - and if you're reading this and have anything to contribute please get in touch!

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