Saturday 28 February 2015

Recent updates

Gadwall x Mallard hybrid (with Bufflehead), South Platte River, Denver County (Colorado, USA), 21st January 2013 - copyright Cathy Sheeter
(photo ID: 1870)

A stack of new work added since my last update post.  These include some great photos from Cathy Sheeter (like the one above) and a whole load from Steve Graby, among others.  Big thanks to all who have contributed.

Added or updated since my last update post:

New bird hybrid pages added for:

New photos added to:

Text updated and new photos added to:

Text updated on bird hybrid pages for:

Also a reminder that you can see a index list linking you to all the bird hybrids featured so far here:
And an index list of all the bird hybrid topics covered so far here:

Enjoy browsing - and please do contribute where you can!

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